3 Crucial Tips on Homeowners Insurance in Florida

If you are seeking homeowners insurance in Florida and you’d like to make sure that you can receive optimal coverage, it’s very important that you follow the right steps in obtaining your plan. The average Florida homeowner is making a claim once every nine years and around 40% of the people polled in a recent survey from a major insurance company did not know what their policy covered. Natural disasters, tropical storms, and hurricanes throughout Florida can often be a wake-up call for many homeowners to review their policy immediately. Here are three crucial tips for homeowners on insurance in Florida:

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How to Determine your Coverage

Most insurance policies throughout Florida will cover some of the basic structures on your property. This can mean the structure of your home with the chance for some coverage on exhilarated structures like your shed or garage. Your policy will outline the various sources of damage that would be covered under your insurance as well. You may be surprised to know that the damage may not be covered if it’s as a result of an earthquake or other potential disaster in your policy.

Deductibles for Hurricanes are Separate

Hurricane insurance often requires you to pay an additional deductible on your claim. Deductibles for hurricane insurance usually range between 1% and 5% of the total value of your home.

You May Need Extra Flood Insurance

Flooding is not typically covered under a standard home insurance policy. Getting flooding insurance can help to make sure that you can be covered during the aftermath of a major storm or the event that your home could flood accidentally.

These are just a few elements of your insurance policy that you may need to review in order to get peace of mind on your homeowners insurance in Florida. Be sure to check out your policy today to ensure that you are covered appropriately.


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