5 Benefits of a High Quality Roof

You might not stay up late thinking about the quality of your roof, but you probably should. Having a nice roof is more than just something to look at. The quality of your roof determines how your house will hold up in times of increased moisture and blistering cold. The better your roof, the better your home. Here are some ways a good roof can benefit you.

1.  Weather protection

One of the main purposes of your roof and your home, in general, is to protect you from the elements. Whether there’s a blizzard or thunderstorm, you should rest easy knowing your roof has your back. The amount of pressure and wind your roof can take depends on the quality of your roof.

It’s important you choose the right material for your roof. For higher durability and lifespan, it is recommended you get yourself a metal roof. Not only will it be able to endure strong winds, but it’s also naturally fireproof, which can come in handy when disaster strikes.

2.  A boost in home value

Out of all the changes you can make to your home, a brand-new roof offers some of the best returns you can get on any investment. This is because very few people interested in real estate want to purchase a place knowing they’ll have to replace the roof. For some, it’s better to simply pay more upfront and not have to worry about it.

Even if you don’t want to sell your home any time soon, fixing up your roof still makes your house worth more, which can serve as a kind of rainy-day fund. You never know what the future will bring, and having a well-maintained home is always a good investment.

3.  It will last longer

Every roof has a lifespan. Normally, you would expect most kinds of roofs to last around fifteen to twenty years at least. This means they have to be replaced once in a while, whether you like it or not. Repairs can only do so much since they are only delaying the inevitable.

Getting yourself a new, high-quality roof resets the clock in a way. This new roof will most certainly last decades and you won’t have to worry about getting a new one any time soon. Having this kind of peace of mind is essential when you’re a homeowner

4.  Energy efficiency

When talking about how roofs protect you from the elements, it’s important not to disregard temperature. Insulation is an important aspect of every roof. You can’t keep your home warm in the winter if you have a leaky roof. This can damage your health and your wallet at the same time.

A properly installed roof also reduces your air conditioning bills. If you install a metallic roof, you can cut cooling costs because the roof reflects the sun’s rays, preventing too much heat from seeping in. If you get your roof set up properly, it practically pays for itself. If you’re looking for the right kind of roof, companies like MLR Slate Roofing have tons of metallic roofs you can choose from.

5.  Going green

Green roofs are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not colours people are impressed by. The roofs of yesteryear weren’t designed with the environment in mind, but things are quickly changing. You have a record high of people who want to be environmentally conscious in every decision they make, including their roof.

Solar panels are some of the most sought-after roof accessories of today. Not only can you make your roof efficient, but you can also get it to work for you as well. Saving the environment is a wonderful thing, but let’s not forget the great things solar panels do for your electric bill. To install solar panels, you might have to opt for a flat roof, as the panels themselves can’t exactly bend and conform to other shapes.


In conclusion, having a good roof over your head is more than just a way to protect yourself, it’s also a solid financial investment. Not only is your house worth more after purchasing one, but you also save tons of money in heating and AC bills. All in all, there’s hardly a reason not to replace your roof.


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  1. Great article Lilly. Going green is all the rage nowadays and rightfully so. I think this will influence how roofing is viewed even more in the future.

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