9 Fences Ideally Suited to a Garden

If you are planning to give your garden an enhancement, both in regard to aesthetics and functionality, you may be thinking of adding a fence. One of the more challenging aspects of adding a fence to a garden is found in the fact that you have a large number of choices. Nine of them are presented here for your consideration.

Picket Fence

Nothing is more charming, nothing is more iconic, than a simple and yet lovely picket fence for your garden. A picket fence provides an easy to install and relatively easy to maintain option when it comes to a garden fence.

Do keep in mind that a picket fence left to its own devices will not keep intruders out off a garden. For example, many animals that might like to munch on garden vegetables will not be deterred by a picket fence.

Wattle Fence

A wattle fence is of lightweight construction and involves weaving thin branches between upright stakes. This forms a type of woven lattice and a truly compelling garden fence. The thin branches are split more often than not, although intact branches will also work.

A wattle fence is not often seen in the United States. There are some misconceptions about creating this type of fencing being impossibly hard. In fact, many people have found that creating this type of fence ends up being not being a difficult process but rather an enjoyable endeavor. Indeed, people have been making wattle fences since the Neolithic era.

Wood and Brick Fence

A lovely type of garden fence is also a traditional one. A wood and brick garden fence is elegant and classy. In addition to making your garden look even more beautiful, a wood and brick fence is an ideal selection of you want to keep intruders away from for vegetables and other plants.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is being more widely utilized when it comes to fencing in this day and age. Reasons for its popularity include its affordability, durability, and low maintenance.

Vinyl fencing oftentimes is used as an alternative to a traditional wood picket fence. Thus, even with the inherent positive elements of vinyl, a fence of this material in a picket design brings along the negative issues associated with a picket fence and a garden more generally.

Bamboo Fence

If you want your garden to have an exotic look, consider a bamboo fence. Keep in mind that bamboo represents one of the more expensive fencing options. With that said, in addition to being uniquely attractive, bamboo is also strong and highly durable. It is also relatively easy to maintain when contrasted with some other options.

Wrought Iron Fence

Strong, durable, and elegant, a wrought iron fence is a smart option for a garden. Wrought iron fencing comes in a wide array of different patterns, designed, and styles. You can buy pre-fashioned wrought iron or you can have it custom made based on your own style ideas and design concepts.

Metal Plank Fence

As the moniker indicates, a metal plank fence is in fact made of planks comprised of thin metal. They are positioned around a garden, usually at an angle to one another and about 2 to 3 inches apart. A metal plank fence adds a contemporary and sophisticated look to a garden.

Trellis Fence

This type of fence extends the traditional trellis design to fencing. The lattice design makes a lovely addition to a garden. In addition, you are able to select from a wide array or different types of pattern. These patterns can be combined to provide originality and an element of freshness to your garden space.


A traditional stone fence is an idea for a garden. In many ways, a stone fence around a garden bespeaks iconic elegance that simply is incomparable. A do it yourself stone fence project can a reasonably priced endeavor. However, if you bypass a professional you must make certain that your final creation is wholly stable to avoid injuries.

You can never go wrong with the traditional stone fence. Go ahead and stack stones on top of each other or use large boulders that don’t require stacking. Just make sure the fence is stable and won’t crumble if children play on or around it.

Upon weighing and balances the plusses and minuses associated with each of these different types of fences, you can be well on your way to constructing an ideal fence for your garden. You will achieve lovely addition to the grounds of your residence.


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