Amazing Projects for Your Lawn and Garden: The Spirit of Gardening

Owning a house has many benefits, but one of the most popular ones is that you can do gardening. This activity has been present throughout human history as aesthetic expression and individual sensibility. Just look at the Gardens of Versailles or anterior of Taj Mahal and you will find a diverse symbolism of gardens and their expressive nature.

Today, gardens have many purposes from improving curb appeal to helping the environment. There are many studies proving that gardening is perfect for spending quality time with your family and to boost your mood. So, in the empowering spirit of gardening, here are amazing projects to do a makeover of your lawn and garden.

1.   Window box for curb appeal

Gardening doesn’t only involve flowerbeds and planting, but it has to define the space and decide where to add certain features. Therefore, you can do some gardening even on the façade with some interesting solutions like window boxes. Just like fences, window boxes are multipurpose installations that will improve the look of your property and your life.

You can create window boxes from pre-made planters you painted in the desired color or decorated to better fit the overall exterior design of your house. Mount them on the windows so that the plants don’t obstruct your view and you can easily tend to them. Petunias, snapdragon, and fuchsia are ideal varieties to grow at your window sill and admire their colorful nature every day.

2.   Add water features

Water features vary in type and can have a different purpose in the garden. From discrete fountain to a summer pool, you will easily add a water feature to your garden all by yourself. And having a small pool made from a stock tank will certainly make hot days bearable for the whole family.

Additionally, you can also add a more permanent water feature by building a Japanese Zen garden in one corner of your yard. The combination of water, stones, and plants is easy to install and will provide a perfect place to have a peaceful and relaxing afternoon.

3.   Create a romantic arch

Arches can go practically anywhere – from usual spot at the gate to combining several of them to create a shade above a seating area. The great thing about arches is that you can make them from metal or wood, as well as bamboo and they also allow for certain creativity so you will have fun.

Wisteria is a perfect plant for long arches made of boards or pallets and you can use it to create a perfect shade in small spaces where pergolas can’t fit. If your pathway goes by the wall, use this to mount several arches at equal distances to create a dramatic entrance to your property. Add a lightweight climber like sweet peas or scented honeysuckle and your visitors will be stunned by the beauty.

4.   Build a winding walkway

Having a lush green space around your house deserves admiration and awe. Therefore, a nice walkway would make a wonderful addition to the organization of your garden. Nicely planned and styled gardens wit accessible areas with walkways will raise the value of your home and improve the curb appeal.

There are various ways to add walkways which won’t take up much of your time not budget. Instead of choosing pavement, use pebbles and stones to create rustic and natural landscaping style. Adding lights along the walkway will enhance its features and also create a mesmerizing ambiance in the evenings.

5.   Make colorful flowerbeds

Gardening has many faces and it’s up to gardener to choose the variety of plants that will grow and thrive in the yard. However, besides having garden secateurs and gloves, gardener also needs a plan for landscaping. And so, everything starts with designating areas for flowerbeds and choosing the plants you want to grow and care for.

Wildflowers are both popular and magnificent choice since they help the environment and add colorful diversity to flora. Bluish aster, long-blooming blanket flowers or purple candytuft are only some of the plants that will enrich your garden with color and scents. Since wildflowers will attract natural pollinators like bees and butterflies, your garden will burst with life and flourish.

6.   Create a quiet spot

When you start thinking about landscaping, leave some room to create a quiet spot where you can rest and enjoy the greenery around you. You can build a wooden bench and decorate it with comfortable upholstery and cushions with a small coffee table on the side. Instead of a bench, you can refurbish an old car backseat or a swing decorated with vines to better fit with nature.

On the other hand, pallets for building outdoor furniture and creating a complete seating area to spend time with your family and friends. Pallets are inexpensive solutions that often end up on the junkyard, even though there is some high-quality wood there, like rot-resistant oak. Add the paint of your choice and some comfy cushions, and you will have a nice seating arrangement right in your garden. 


Once you get the hang of things, the spirit of gardening will come naturally and quickly you will see it as a welcoming activity to clear the mind and feed your creativity. In time, you will work on amazing projects for your lawn and garden that will add to your property’s curb appeal and heighten the overall aesthetics.

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