How to Move Items Out of the Way During Home Renovation

Every home renovation project will involve tons of dirt, dust and debris. These elements may end up damaging your appliances, furniture, and other household items if you simply leave them onsite. To ensure the safety of your belongings, the best thing you can do is to move them out of the way while the renovation is still ongoing.

But now the questions is, where are you going to move all your things? Storage during home renovation can be quite tricky as you need to keep your belongings out of the way while still having easy access to them.

Fortunately, a trusted local removalist offers some useful tips below to help you move your things away from the risk of damage.

1. Hire a removal company

If you’re moving your items out of the house or even if it’s just to the basement, you can’t do everything on your own. Tackling this task requires strategy and strength, especially when it comes to moving large and fragile items. Consider hiring a removal company to help you move your belongings and ensure their safety during the process.

2. Designate a room for storage

Is the renovation project only going to affect your patio and pool area, bedroom or kitchen? If so, you still have safe rooms that you can use to store your items. For instance, you can move your items to an empty corner of a basement or a guest bedroom.

If you can’t give up your available space, remember that it’s only temporary and it’s the most cost effective option. Do bear in mind that big renovation projects can run off schedule, so you need to make sure that you select a room that you won’t be needing anytime soon. Also, make certain that you leave some space for yourself to move around as you may end up literally boxing everything in.

3. Rent a storage unit

There are different storage services you can take advantage of that will fit your storage needs. If moving your items to another room doesn’t work for you, another great solution is to move them to a storage unit. It’s a good option for storage as you’re given the ability to completely remove items out of your home while maintaining access.

Before you get a storage unit, do a bit of research to figure out which one will best fit your needs. Look at the options you have and choose a company that offers the cost and features you need based on your circumstances. Also, make sure to not skimp on size if you’ll be storing huge pieces like furniture and invest in a heavy duty lock for your container.

Keep in mind that a good quality removal company will most likely provide storage services too. They can even pick up your items and relocate them to their secure storage facility, making the process even easier for you.

4. Store your things with a friend or relative

If you don’t want to spend a penny on storage but you don’t have any room to spare, perhaps a family member or a friend will be kind enough to store your items in their premises.

Ask around to see if anyone close to you has space to lend while you get the home renovation work done. However, be clear about the timeline they have in mind for when you need to pick your items up again.

Storage Tips

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going to store your items during a remodel, you have to make sure you do it the right way. You should consider the possibility that you may need to access some of your belongings more often than expected. Follow these tips:

  • Label boxes – Create a labeling system so that you can easily identify where your possessions are. You can do this by numbering boxes and putting together a spreadsheet indicating the details of what’s inside each box. Without a proper labeling system, you can end up wasting time sorting through boxes just to find the item you need.
  • Make your most-used items accessible – Make it easy to grab the things you use most of the time by placing them at the center or front of your storage pile. For items you don’t need during renovation like furniture, place them at the back.
  • Leave a clear path – for your safety and convenience, leave a path between your stored items. This way, you won’t have any difficulty getting an item (especially if it happens to be at the back) whenever you need to.

Prevent Damage Through Proper Storage

During a renovation project, you can’t keep an eye on your items all the time, and your contractors need space to do their job.

The easiest way you can protect your belongings is to establish a storage plan as soon as you’ve decided to do some remodeling at home. This way, everyone can go about their business without the added worry of damaging any of your goods at home.



Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families. For moving and storage across Australia and around the world, Robert’s wealth of experience ensures his customers are in safe hands.

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