How to Renovate Your Office to Help You Increase Productivity and Success

The only case when the working environment is not of any relevance whatsoever is if you were a slave owner who couldn’t care less how and where your slaves/employees toil away. Joking aside, office space design is far from unimportant because it directly influences the level of productivity for individual workers and then it can determine whether you run a successful enterprise or not. In the mind of the employee, it is not all the same in which space they work in, so you should do your best to make space meet the needs of the workforce. Only then will business success be guaranteed in the long run, because redesigning the office is really one big investment into the future of the company.

The ergonomics

Ergonomics is a relatively new science but its area of interest had been topical even in the first agrarian societies. Today, thinking of ergonomics is a must rather than a luxury, so you have to have this in mind when ordering equipment that the employees are going to use. This is true both for trivial stuff, such as adjustable keyboards with palm rests, and for more complex machinery, like height-adjustable countertops in workshops. Even the layout of the office should be “user-friendly,” to formulate it like that. If you have a lot of workers, then an open plan office is the ideal design solution. These are all reasons enough to ask the employees before the renovation what are the little things that would make their life at the office easier.

Plenty of natural light

It is hard to find a suitable office space to rent or purchase in the today’s market. That is why business owners often disregard the issue of natural light in the working area. Workers should have plenty of light, especially if they are performing manual labor. Bad lighting could lead to eyestrain and increased fatigue, which is definitely something that should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, if they are constantly enclosed in a dark space, workers can develop depression and you can quite possibly get sued for failing to provide them with proper working conditions. That is why airy office space with a lot of windows accounts for an ideal work area. During night time, make sure that light sources are powerful enough to light the entire space and that each worker has his or her lamp if the job requires it.

Professional fitouts

If your office is fairly large in size, then redesigning the whole area could be biting more than you can chew. This task is far too elaborate for an owner or an entrepreneur whose number one worry is business and not design. That is why many companies resort to professional office and commercial fitouts like team at  Impecca Build that guarantee the renovation will go smoothly. People who redesign commercial spaces for a living are familiar with all the challenges and more importantly, they have sufficient experience that vouches that the fitout will be completed in a timely manner. Fill out their online quote request form to see if the offer suits you.

Decluttering the office

If you thought that clutter is a nuisance only in your home, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Many of us would like to work from home, and design their own office, but that’s not luxury all of us could afford. Clutter in the office is ten times more detrimental as it impedes the work process by distracting the workers and inhibiting their creativity. In the months prior to the renovation, be sure to observe and list all the items that contribute to clutter. Include a place for each and every thing, so your redesigned office space will be clutter-free. For instance, this implies mounting on the wall an AC remote holder or making a special rack for the magazines in the lobby area. These measures might seem trivial but once the workers enter an orderly space, their thought will also become less messy.

The color palette

It does not come as a surprise that colors influence the way our brain processes information. Certain colors, such as green, cause a soothing reaction in our psyche, while other colors, such as bright orange and yellow, make us more alert. That is why the latter hues are used in safety vests and for road marking and signalization. The effect you want to induce inside the office is a one of calmness, so mellow and neutral shades of colors blue, grey or green are more than welcome. Of course, don’t go for a single-color design but include various types of ornamentation, such as stripes, wall paintings and even graffiti.

Whether a worker is going to be productive and creative is largely dependent on the environment he or she works in. Have this fact in mind the next time you renovate your office and incorporate ergonomics in the design.


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