Is Your Real Estate Office Sufficiently Mobile?

Real estate agents benefit by increasing their productivity. One important recent trend in the industry reflects the power of current communications technologies: enhanced mobility. Investing in high quality tools to unchain agents from their desks holds many advantages.

Towards a More Mobile Presence

Today, a growing number of agents have discovered rewards in remaining Internet connected throughout the day. Whether meeting with clients in the office, conducting open houses, or taking buyers on personal tours of recent listings, real estate professionals who remain in close touch with business associates and prospects tend to achieve better results! No longer do agents need to remain in the office chained to a landline telephone to perform “floor duty” effectively. Just consider a few of the tools which contribute to greater mobility on the job in 2019:

  • Powerful Laptop Computers;
  • Smart Phones;
  • Internet Faxing;
  • Customer Relationship Management Software.

Mobile Real Estate Computers

Significant advances in computer technology now equip many real estate agents with awesome communications and information capabilities. Modern laptop computers have become exceedingly powerful. The latest versions of these lightweight, portable tools contain central processing unit and memory capabilities superior to those of the massive institutional mainframe computers of yesteryear.(1) Indeed, some popular laptops in 2019 priced under $2,000 offer storage capacities measured in terabytes.(2)

Real estate agents utilize laptops in a wide array of settings. These easily relocated computers offer convenience for anyone composing sales offers, discussing listing contracts, or researching market values. The latest generation of laptops enable agents to show prospects impressive real estate images. Some companies allow prospects to take “virtual tours” of homes of interest to them online with the assistance of an agent’s laptop.

Smart Phone Technology Improves Communications 24/7

In addition to mobile computing power, real estate industry professionals benefit from the Internet-connectivity offered by smart phone technology. Now, instead of waiting for a photographer to record the exterior of a new listing, some agents simply use their cell phones (with client permission, of course) to create accurate images. These snapshots sometimes appear in print and online ads.

Smart phones also allow agents to process emails conveniently during chance moments in a busy work day. Following one of these communications with a phone call proves as simple as pushing a speed dial button. Previous generations of sales agents sometimes found themselves interrupting sales tours to search for landlines to contact their offices for information about the availability of listings; today, cell phones solve this problem. They expedite communication in a myriad of ways.

Faxing in The Information Age

Yet another innovation also appeals to a growing number of technically-savvy real estate agents. Services now facilitate the receipt of faxes using online capabilities. A prospect considering placing a home on the realty marketplace can visit a real estate agent’s website and submit detailed information directly to the Internet-connected realtor. This convenience allows the transmission of detailed information about a listing in a matter of seconds.

In some highly competitive local markets, the ability to act quickly to submit an offer on a listing proves important. Agents may require the capability to fax an offer to a seller rapidly in order to assist home seekers. The availability of economical faxing services has helped to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Yet another tool greatly enhances the mobility of some real estate agents. Although not a mobile device per se, specialized customer relationship management (CRM) software helps many realty firms optimize their use of high tech resources. These programs function as virtual marketing assistants, collecting useful data and making it accessible to the marketing team on demand.

Too many excellent companies offer popular real estate customer relationship management software tools today to possibly list all of the available programs.(3) Some of the most popular platforms also improve the management of online property sales listings and the implementation of targeted social media campaigns. It usually benefits real estate brokers to encourage their agents to utilize the same (or at least, compatible) CRM programs; everyone in the office can remain in communication about the firm’s listings more easily this way.

Investing in a More Mobile Real Estate Office

With numerous options available to enhance the productivity of real estate sales agents, the real estate industry has become increasingly mobile. Investing in high quality IT products designed to help agents keep in touch with clients and business associates holds many rewards. This process helps some small firms expand their capabilities within local real estate markets in exciting ways!

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