Revamping a Home to Better Serve an Older Resident

If you are heading into your Golden Years, or if you have a family member like a parent heading in that direction, you need to contemplate how you can remodel a residence to better serve its occupant. There are a number of important steps that you can take to turn a home into a more livable place for an older person.

The Bathroom

A primary space that is likely to need to be a focus of a revamping is the primary bathroom to be used by the older resident. In this regard, a primary consideration is the bathtub or shower.

You might want to consider installing a walk-in tub. A walk in tub permits a person with some physical limitations to utilize a bathtub safely and with ease. Because of the way in which many of these tubs are constructed, you can also use this style of tub to shower was well. It comes complete with a handheld shower attachment and a seat in which you can sit while bathing. A reputable plumber can assist you in making decisions regarding the installation of this type of bathtub.

Another feature that you will want to consider when it comes to a bathroom for an older person is a toilet with added height. You can have installed a toilet that is designed with a seat that is higher off the ground. In the alternative, you can add a seat that is designed with a thicker top.

Support or hand railings are important features in a bathroom for an older person. These need to be placed in association with both the bathtub or shower as well as the toilet.

HVAC Considerations

Older people are more susceptible to illness. Maintaining healthy interior air inside a residence is crucial.

If there is not one in place already, when considering steps to take to prepare a residence for an older person, adding a quality air filtration system is a wise idea. Research reveals that more often than not, in the absence of a quality air filtration system, the air inside a home can be significantly more polluted than that found out of doors.

An older person is apt to spend more time inside a home than is the case for a younger person. Thus, as you think about remodels that may be necessary to make your residence more livable, an air filtration system needs to be on your list of things to do.

Depending on the age of the heating and air conditioning units at the residence, you might want to consider replacing those as well. By replacing these units, you will be able to reduce energy use and costs.

Finally, when it comes to HVAC and related considerations, a humidifier or dehumidifier may be wise additions to your home as well. A more consistent temperature and humidity level inside a residence can be helpful in maintaining good health.

The Kitchen

Two primary, overarching considerations come into play when contemplating remodels for the kitchen in the home of an older person. First, the kitchen is likely to be the focus of a great deal of what an older person does in the home. In fact, for a good many people, the kitchen is the centerpiece of a residence. Thus, when you think about changes to a kitchen with an older person in mind, aesthetic considerations need to be taken into consideration.

Second, you need to make sure that the kitchen remains accessible and user friendly for an older person, not only today but into the future. Thus, when remodeling the kitchen, you need to consider a number of elements that may need to be modified now to ensure that the space is appropriately accessible as a person ages.

First, consider replacing faucets in the kitchen. (The same holds true for the bathroom, by the way.) Faucets that require an older person to twist a knob can become challenging as some people grow older. Thus, consider replacing those types of faucets with a derivation that is not designed as a knob.

Second, consider the height of different kitchen features, including countertops, appliances, and cabinets. Anything that may require an older person to stand on a step ladder or something of that sort should be eliminated.

You do need to keep in mind that an older person may end up in a wheelchair at a future date. Thus, it can be wise to keep that possibility in mind when remodeling a kitchen. Adjustments can be made to the heights of countertops, cabinets, and certain kitchen appliances.


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