The Benefits of Hiring Pros to Replace Your Windows

Old and drafty windows can make your interior feel uncomfortable, waste energy and decrease your home’s curb appeal. Buying replacement windows and replacing the windows yourself to fix these problems might seem like a good idea at first. However, experience has proven that it’s better to invest in professional window replacement instead. Why? For starters, the quality of the window installation has a big impact on the performance and lifespan of the new window. Any amateur mistakes, on the other hand, can lead to costly repairs and a drastically reduced window service life.

PROFESSIONAL WINDOW INSTALLATION. A good window company will install your new windows perfectly and ensure they perform optimally.

Hiring a professional window replacement company can help ensure you bypass such problems. In addition, it will also give you access to better quality replacement windows. A window replacement company often offers replacement windows that can’t be found anywhere else because they are certified by top-notch window manufacturers. Today, we will explain why you should invest in professional window replacement, show you how professionals can better help you and give you tips on finding a good company.

Advantages of Working With a Professional Window Replacement Company

A professional window company has many years of experience in replacing windows for their customers. They are quicker than DIY window installers and perform a much better job. They are trained to complete a window replacement in the most efficient ways possible and have all the tools and resources required to handle any kind of window replacement project. They can also spot problems that amateurs might overlook, like hidden damage.

Hiring a professional window company will also save you a lot of time, energy and frustration. A window replacement is a major home improvement project because, oftentimes, the majority of a home’s windows must be replaced all in one go. With the sheer number of windows to be worked on in a typical home, taking on a window replacement project by oneself is not feasible for most homeowners. A professional window company with a factory-trained crew, on the other hand, can replace all of your windows in a timely manner. You won’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. A good window company can provide you with advice and help you choose the best windows for your project.

Working with a professional also means you can benefit from sound professional advice. Many companies have worked on homes for decades. They know how to balance factors like energy efficiency with your preferred design, materials and architectural style. They can help you choose the best windows for your project based on your specific parameters like your budget, personal design preferences, and specific needs.

Professional window companies also often earn certifications from window manufacturers. These certifications prove that the company is trained in the installation, repair and maintenance of the manufacturer’s products. This training allows certified window companies to offer homeowners superior quality products. Hiring a professional window company assures you of finding and purchasing the best windows you can possibly afford for your home.

A professional window company can also provide you with peace of mind. For one thing, they can back up their work with warranties. This means that should there be any problems with your new window because of an installation mistake or a manufacturing defect, they’ll likely cover any rework or repairs.  Having them deal with the issue and resolve your problem quickly is one of the unbeatable benefits of warranty coverage. Installing your windows yourself, however, can void the warranty and mean that you have to deal with costly repairs on your own in the future.

How a Professional Window Company Can Help You

Let’s discuss a specific company and the benefits they can provide you as an example. Renewal by Andersen® is the exclusive installer of Fibrex® windows. Fibrex is twice as strong as vinyl and will not warp, rot, chip, corrode, crack or peel. Getting Fibrex windows for your home means you won’t have to worry about the long-term performance of your windows.

EXCLUSIVE WINDOWS. A professional window company can provide you with replacement windows you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition, Renewal by Andersen windows are also ENERGY STAR® rated. This means they can make your home more energy-efficient. Since these windows prevent unwanted heat transfer, they can also help keep your interior comfortable during summer or winter. Renewal by Andersen offers multiple glass packages depending on a home’s energy efficiency and comfort needs. You won’t find these windows for sale in any store, so hiring this professional window company is the only way you can enjoy these benefits.

Finding the Right Company

Hiring the right window company for your project is crucial if you want to have a quick and hassle-free window replacement experience. This can be tricky because there are a lot of companies offering their services. Talk to your friends and family, and ask for any recommendations. Discuss their specific experiences with the window company that they hired. If you can, check out their new windows, and see if they are still in good condition.

You should also research your window options ahead of time. Many companies specialize in certain kinds of windows. In addition, write down your list of priorities, such as improved energy efficiency, better curb appeal, great durability, etc,. and choose companies based on how well their products meet your criteria.

Talk to your prospective window companies, and ask them questions to find out how well they’ll fit your project. Question them about their contracting license, their certifications, insurance and their business experience. Discuss the payment schedule and the possible timeline for your project as well. In addition, pay attention to how the contractor talks to you and on how punctual they are. You should choose a company that’s professional and courteous, and who respects your time.

You should also check a contractor’s references. Ask to see pictures of previously completed jobs that are similar to yours. If possible, see if you can talk to these homeowners to ask them about their experience with the window company you’re considering for your project. You should also references of homeowners who have had issues with the company. Your goal here is to see how the company resolves issues and how well they stand behind their work and provide after-sales support.

Hiring a professional window company will provide you with better windows and give you peace of mind. The window company will handle everything during the project, so you won’t have to worry about amateur installation mistakes that can compromise your new windows. In addition, professionals also back their work with strong warranties and can provide you with good advice for your project.


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Alex Esler is the marketing manager for Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco. She is an integrated marketing professional with a digital focus, driven and inspired by her work to help homeowners find the window replacement solutions they are looking for. For updates from Alex, check out the company blog!

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